Creamy Baja Sauce

This Baja sauce combines Sour Cream, Mayo, Lime juice, and Sriracha with Cilantro, and seasonings to make a seriously creamy, sweet, and spicy sauce that is perfect for fish tacos!

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Creamy Baja Sauce on Fish Tacos
This Creamy Baja Sauce is the perfect touch for any seafood tacos. It’s a delicious and creamy sauce with the right punch to finish off your taco. Kick up your taco salad with this Baja sauce, or try Baja sauce for your next fish and chips meal. Whatever you use this sauce on,  it will take that meal to another level of yumminess!

Serve this Creamy Baja Sauce with Baja Fish Tacos or Shrimp TacosCreamy happiness for shrimp and fish wraps. Also good for dipping fresh veggies! 

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Creamy Baja Sauce

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