Easy Mangonada Recipe

Yummy Mexican fruit drink made with Chamoy sauce, mangos, lime juice, and Tajin seasoning and decorated with a tamarind straw.
Mangonada drink in glass

Salty, spicy, and tangy!

When the weather gets hot, a refreshing treat is in order. For those who want a little spice to battle the heat, there’s the Mangonada. Swirls of bright red, topped with chunks of juicy mango, the Mangonada, also known as Mangoneada or Chamango,is a summertime favorite in Mexican communities. 
One of the key ingredients in the Mangonada is chamoy, which is a traditional Mexican condiment that is typically served as a dip for fresh fruit but is the perfect addition to the Mangonada to balance the sweetness of the mango.

What is Chamoy?
Chamoy is a condiment made of fruit (usually apricot, plums, or mango), dried chiles, and lime juice. Chamoy is a condiment found all over Mexico, topping fruit, drizzled on nachos, and mixed into cocktails.

Depending on your location, you can find Tajín, chamoy, and tamarind straws — their sour, chewy coating adds an extra tickle of tartness — at supermarkets or Latin American grocers; all three are available online.

What is Tajín? 
 Tajín ingredients are ground dried chile peppers (a blend of chiles de árbol, guajillo, and pasilla), dehydrated lime, and sea salt.

Easy Mangonada

Ingredients in Mangonada Recipe

Mangonada contains mango chunks, a sprinkle of chile powder, and chamoy, the sweet-sour-spicy fruit-based sauce — so, it's a little spicy and a little tangy, not just sweet.

  • Mangos - Store-bought frozen mangoes, or fresh mangos (cut into cubes, and frozen)
  • Mango nectar
  • Tajin - Chili seasoning is usually in the Hispanic aisle in the grocery store, or Mexican stores, or can be ordered online.
  • Lime juice- fresh or bottled
  • Chamoy - Store-bought, Homemade, or you can buy online.
  • Sugar - regular granulated sugar

How to Make Mangonada 

  • Mango chunks, nectar, sugar, lime juice, and ice in the blender.

  • Mango mixture in blender

  • Blend till smooth. Drizzle Chamoy into a glass add mango mixture halfway and add more Chamoy. 

  • Then fill to top add mango chunks, add a teaspoon of Chamoy, and sprinkle with Tajin.

    Easy Mangonada Drink

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