Homemade Mexican Smoked Chile Marinade

The smokiness of the chipotles in the marinade brings steaks, chicken, and seafood to a smoky, spicy, sweet rich flavor in every bite. 

Mexican Smoked Chile Marinade
Chipotles (smoked jalapeƱo peppers) add character to this fiery seasoned marinade. What’s especially great about this marinade is that it’s made with ingredients you likely keep on hand

Ingredients in Mexican Smoked Chile Marinade

Chipotles -  2 Chipotles chiles from can + sauce, if you prefer some more spiciness 4 chipotle chiles can be used instead of 2.

Citrus - Oranges and Limes, I prefer both juices, but using only one of the juices are okay. 

Seasonings - Salt, oregano, minced garlic, black pepper, and cumin

Vinegar - Red wine vinegar helps tenderize meat

Makes enough marinade for 2 pounds of beef, pork, seafood, or chicken. Place beef or pork and marinade in a bowl to marinate for 2 to 4 hours. Chicken or seafood need less time to marinate, approximately 30 minutes for chicken and about 15 minutes for seafood