Chicken Flautas

Flautas are made from flour tortillas that are filled, rolled up, and fried until extra-crispy and bursting with a savory, spiced filling.

Chicken Flautas

This delicious, crunchy variation of tacos comes from Jalisco, Mexico, where it is popular snack food. 

Flautas are tightly rolled and fried tortillas (flour or corn) with a filling of meat and, oftentimes, cheese. Chicken is the most popular flauta variety in the United States.

Tacos rolled tightly and pan-fried until crisp so they resemble tubes or “flutes,” become Flautas. The filling can be made in advance, and come together in less than 20 minutes.

 How to Make Chicken Flautas:

  • In a skillet, diced onion, saute for 3 minutes in 1 tbsp vegetable oil, and then add shredded chicken, cumin, and garlic powder, and cook for 5 -7 minutes.

  • For each flauta, spoon in 1/4 cup of chicken mixture down the center of a tortilla.

  • Roll up the tortilla tightly and secure it with a toothpick.

  • In a skillet, heat about 1/4 cup of oil and fry 3-4 rolled-up tortillas for about 3-4 minutes, turning until crisp and golden brown.

  • Drain on a paper towel.

  • Serve with favorite toppings, salsa, Mexican crema, and guacamole.

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Chicken Flautas