Mexican Vegetable Soup | Sopa de Verduras

This Mexican vegetable soup is hearty, delicious, and the perfect comfort food! You can never have too many Sopa (soup) recipes on hand during the fall and winter months. 

Mexican Vegetable Soup | Sopa de Verduras
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Sopa de Verduras is definitely my favorite one-pot Mexican comfort food. Because, really, what warms the soul and nourishes the body better than a hefty bowl of piping-hot soup?
The combination of different vegetables, potato, jalapeño, and broth means this is packed with yummy flavor too.

Mexican Vegetable Soup | Sopa de Verduras

You really can use many types of vegetables to make this soup, whatever is in season is what I try to incorporate in my soups.

This is what I used for this recipe:


🌶Zucchini - Italian zucchini or Mexican grey zucchini

🌶Potatoes - russet, red, or yellow potatoes


🌶Onions - white or yellow onion


🌶Corn - can or fresh off the cob

🌶Tomatoes - Roma tomatoes

🌶Jalapeño - more spice? add an additional chile pepper

Optional vegetables:  Cabbage, green beans, peas, corn on the cob, chayote, broccoli, or sweet potatoes.

Other ingredients:
Salt & Pepper
Vegetable broth (Chicken broth)
Lime Juice
Olive Oil
Mexican Oregano

Mexican Vegetable Soup
This Sopa de Verduras recipe is easy to make and sure to warm you up. This recipe is vegan and vegetarian, and a healthy choice for any time of the year.

How to Make Mexican Vegetable Soup
  • In a large stock pot, heat olive oil. Add onion, and garlic on medium-low heat for 2 minutes.
  • Add zucchini, potatoes, carrots, celery, and jalapeño to the pot, stirring frequently for 5 minutes. Then add broth, bay leaf, salt, pepper, lime juice, tomatoes, and corn to the pot.
  • Cover and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and let simmer for 30 minutes.
Top with chopped cilantro, avocado, or jalapeño slices.

Serve with a big chunk of rustic bread or warm corn tortillas.

Mexican Vegetable Soup | Sopa de Verduras

Storing Mexican Vegetable Soup

Yes, you can freeze vegetable soup! It will last about 6 -8 weeks in the freezer.

Allow the Sopa de Verduras to cool completely before placing it in a freezer storage bag or airtight container.
If you freeze the soup for a longer time the vegetables start to lose flavor and shape.

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